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Family tradition

In 1982, after long time making old-style bread, bakery and pastries at our traditional family-run small bakery, we were challenged by the need of gluten-free bread of a customer who had recently been found intollerant to gluten but wasn’t able to find anything better than vaccum-packed, hard, dry gluten-free breads at the market. We took the challenge and created for him an improved, tenderer, fresher and tastier version and he just loved it. Our gluten-free breads were increasingly more and more demanded providing us experience in making bread and gluten-free pr¡oducts, In March 2007, Airos was born as a trade mark exclusivelly devoted to making gluten-free products.

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Gluten and celiac disease

What is gluten?

Gluten is an amorphous protein found in the seed of most cereals, like wheat and all its variants (semolina, Kamut and spelled), barley, rye, and triticale. It represents 80% of the wheat’s proteins and its formed by gliadin and glutenin. The grain of these cereals doesn’t only contain gluten, but it also includes starch, germ or bran, that if º extracted carefully and with exhaustive control, they could be used as ingredients on gluten-free products.

This protein guarantees the flour dough’s elasticity and gives to the bread and baked dough its consistency and fluffiness. Because of its thickener power, gluten it’s appreciated. In the baking, gluten is responsible that the fermentation gases remain inside the dough, boosting it upward and making it rise. After the baking, the glutens coagulation makes sure the bread doesn’t flatten once it’s cooked.

Which foods contain gluten?

Gluten is found in products such as bread, pastries, pizza dough, etc. Because it can be easily isolated and it improves the texture and the sensory properties of products, it can also be found in yogurts, sausages, sauces, frozen potatoes, hot chocolate, sweets, chocolates, and also medicines and supplements.

What is a celiac disease?

Celiac disease is a self-immune genetic illness distinguished by permanent intolerance to gluten. It produces atrophy of bowel villi that leads to poor absorption of nutrients. The people who suffer this particular illness often show several symptoms such as diarrhea, pain and bloating, weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, and irritability.

Approximately 1% of the population is celiac and it is believed that six out of seven patients haven’t been diagnosed.

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