About Airos

Our history...
Since 1962

In 1982, after long time making old-style bread, bakery and pastries at our traditional family-run small bakery, we were challenged by the need of gluten-free bread of a customer who had recently been found intollerant to gluten but wasn’t able to find anything better than vaccum-packed, hard, dry gluten-free breads at the market. We took the challenge and created for him an improved, tenderer, fresher and tastier version and he just loved it. Our gluten-free breads were increasingly more and more demanded providing us experience in making bread and gluten-free pr¡oducts, In March 2007, Airos was born as a trade mark exclusivelly devoted to making gluten-free products.

Airos panaderia
Airos panadero

By combining tradition and new technologies, we take the challenge of creatingnew full-flavoured gluten-free breads, bakeries and pastries, Our I+D+i department researches and devolopes new recipes in which the advances and innovative proposals required by the market are key for creating new gluten-free products always under our qualit garanties.

We absolutely love what we do,and that can be seen in our production. At Airos we do know that the market is getting increasingly and continually more and more demanding, . That is why our variety of products doen’t stop increasing, widening and getting available a in the most demanding of markets.

Products and ingredients

Find out all of our products,, which are top quality gluten-free goods that keep, nevertheles, the full flavour ot tradition. There is an Airos product for each end every occasion. We want you to enjoy all of your meals with zero worries… They al lare made with top quality ingredients carefully chosen 100% free of gluten and allergenic substances ….but our main ingredients will always be these ones: love and passion for good work.

Our first concern: Quality

Since AIROS trademark was born in 2007, our maximum priorities have been top quality and food safety. Every Airos product is elaborated with gluten-free ingredients and selected quality raw materials. Our quality management system has been certified to the European standards,checking from the taking of delivered raw material to manufactoring, processing, distribution and supplying to our end consumers. Our products must be proven to be tastiest, best textured and top quality so that our costumers can enjoy mouth watering, healthy, enjoyable and safe meals.

We research, we develop, we innovate...

Airos has always relied on innovating, researching,carefully selecting the ingredients and combining them to produce a great product. Making top products is a challenging and Airos just loves to be challenged. Our research and development department aims to achieve the best results on our product, thus we create and innovate with the discovering of new ingredients as our starting point. In order to provide our products with the best nutritional value, we cooperate with univesities and dieticians and keep in touch with our customers, whose opinions are key to keep improving our products.

We also keep in touch and reciprocally cooperarte with all the Spanish coeliac associations as well aswith FACE (Federation of coeliac associations of SpaIn).