Gluten Free Toasts

Our Master Bakery gluten-free products has been designed with the elaboration of special breads that recover our traditional recipes.

For now, we have available:
* The traditional gluten-free Payés Bread made with sourdough or,
* Our Multigrain Bread, cereal bread rich in fiber.

Below you will find a series of recipes to make different toasts.

Recipe: Serrano Ham Toast


* MASTER BAKERY MULTIGRAIN bread toast without gluten.
* Grated tomato (2 tbsp)
* Olive oil (1 tsp)
* Gourmet mixed sprouts (1 fist)
* Serrano ham (6 small pieces or 50 grams)

Recipe: Vegetarian Toast


* Piquillo (4 units)
* Gourmet mixed sprouts (2 fists)
* Humus or chickpea cream (2 tbsp)
* Gluten-free FARMHOUSE BREAD (2 slices)

Toast our FARMHOUSE BREAD, place the filling and enjoy !!!

Recipe: Egg and Avocado Toast


* Gluten-free FARMHOUSE BREAD toast
* 1 scrambled egg
* Half fillet avocado
* Spices: sweet pepper, cumin, turmeric, pepper, oregano and thyme.

Recipes proposed by @Marilet_Iglesias – Dietista


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