I am Celiac! My story

Listening to others stories sometimes transforms us, it identifies us, it takes us to recognize us beyond ourselves. When we are diagnosed with celiac disease, it takes us to ask a million questions!

Today, from Airos, we have wanted to recover a couple of stories from real followers and clients to share them with you all and offer new perspectives…

I’m Celiac! By Akior…

35 years ago there was barely information about the disease, making the diagnosis more complicated. And the free-gluten products, practically non-existent. I was diagnosed with the celiac disease when I was a one-year-old, at the hospital.
Today, I’ve wanted to remember my story. I have talked with my parents. These are some of the things they have commented:

“In the 1980 almost everything about this disease was unknown and it was a blow. A lot of time we had to explain the disease and the necessity to keep a gluten-free diet. Back then the numerous gluten-free products we have today didn’t even exist. The parents all helped each other: we exchanged information about the illness, both by phone and informal meetings. In those years food such as cookies and bread was imported from England.”

I can’t believe how much we have changed!

And now, after 36 years, we have a great variety of gluten-free products. There’s also way more information about the disease. As a matter of fact, a lot of positive things have been accomplished thanks to companies like AIROS, who fit us into the culinary world and improves gluten- free products, as well as associations and all of the parents.

Thanks to you all for making our lives easier.

I’m Celiac! By Irene…

My name is Irene and I’m a celiac since 2012. Since I can remember I was a girl who had a lot of stomach problems and skin rashes.

When I was hospitalized because of dehydration, the doctors said that it was all caused by a very strong “virus”, in fact that I was very keen to have stomach issues. I was also told I had atopic skin.

When I turned 18, it all happened more frecuently, until when I turned 22, I was hospitalized for 15 days. The rashes kept appearing on my body and face. In that moment was when I started to visit different doctors to get the real diagnosis.
After an uneasy feeling about every test and doctor, I didn’t remember what it was like to feel healthy… I weighted 43 kilos and even though I’m a very energetic and sporty girl, I felt almost lifeless.

The final diagnosis was: high intolerance to fructose and sorbitol, low intolerance to lactose, irritable colon and thanks to an endoscopy and a biopsy, a celiac disease. In fact, it all had a direct connection to my gluten intolerance.

At that point, I felt relieved but also lost. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I needed help and information. Thanks to Facebook groups and blogs about celiac persons or gluten intolerants I was able to figure out what to do with my life, what to eat and where to eat.

Over the years I thought about creating my own blog for celiac people, especially to demonstrate that you can live a normal live and do everything you want, with patience and determination. That’s when my blog was born Celiaca Soy, Celiaca Vivo, where I help celiac persons all over the world, make their lives easier, to normalize being a celiac and to offer different points of view that help other gluten intolerants to gather their strengths and move on.

From my blog, my Instagram, my Facebook or twitter you can count on me for everything you need, celiac!

A celiachug, Irene


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