Promotion Carrefour España and Airos 2015

We will not miss the Vuelta Ciclista a España sporty meeting! Thanks to Carrefour Espalña, its Official Sponso, during six days,anyone bringing the ticket of any gluten-free product purchased on that same day -no matter its brandmark, price or type pf product- will be presented with an Airos backsack with assorted Airos products in it. This promotion will take placein our marquees at several Carrefour markets until the end of stock.

airos vuelta ciclista

September 8th, Tuesday: Carrefour Burgos
September 9th, Wednesday: Carrefour Burgos
September. 10th, Thursday: Carrefour Ávila
September, 11th, Friday: Carrefour Villalba (Madrid)
September. 12th, Saturday: Carrefour San Fernando de Henares (Madrid)
Septembee, 13th, Sunday: Carrefour Alcobendas (Madrid)

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